August 13, 2021

Uncommonly YOU!


Competition is inevitable in the 21st century, regardless of the business industry. You have pretty much the entire world, with unlimited growth potential, well, progressively.
As such, being top of mind should be your top of mind priority as a business. Furthermore, with the stiff competition from existing and upcoming competitors, you need to position your business for success.

Anonymity is only cool when it’s non-business-related, as it hinders your business growth. What differentiates elite companies from average ones is their marketing strategy choices. 
Avoid being part of the cluster composed of nothing but different shades of grey in a business world full of color.

Ignite a unique selling proposition!

A unique selling point (USP), also called a unique selling proposition, is the basis of what makes your product or service better than competitors. In overall marketing, communicating your USP is considered one of the keys to getting potential customers to convert. It’s a specific benefit that helps you stand out from everyone else.
A business’s unique selling proposition helps you stand out by giving you color while your competitors remain in black and white.
It’s what makes you, your company, and your story different from everyone else. So, let your customers notice you and choose YOU ahead of your competitors.

  • With a solid unique selling proposition, you are bound to:
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing ones (and build loyalty)
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Find your NICHE and create a Customer

Profile!A unique selling proposition can take on many forms — a slogan, logo, phrase, culture, call to action, culture, or customer care etiquette.
Great unique selling propositions are;

  • They are customer-centric
  • They’re memorable.
  • They evoke feelings, emotions, and memories.
  • They’re assertive.

What a Unique Selling Proposition is NOT!
A unique selling proposition IS NOT just a promise; it can include the below but should not be defined by only these.

  • An xx% discount
  • Free shipping
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Your return policy

Avoid promises that can be copied by competition as soon as implemented. Thus, nobble to ask ourself what you offer that cannot be emulated, and if possible, not to your set notch. 
Below are key fundamental USPs.

1: Define Your Business’s Mission, Goals, and Identity.
Uncommonly you:
Your USP is the one thing none of your competitors can replicate. So, it’s yours to own; you set yourself
up to create a unique and powerful unique selling proposition.
 What is your mission and value statement?
 What is the BIG promise you make to your customers?
 What’s your culture that creates your entire identity?
2: Offer Something Your Competitors Don’t.
Focus on the gaps:
Begin by researching your competition and highlight what their USP is.
 What is their target audience?
 What are the channels they reach them through?
 What do they offer that nobody else does?
 Why are they the preferred service providers?
 What are their gaps?
Instead of replicating what the market is offering, comprehend what they do well and what they don’t do well. That would be your cue to provide the missing and yarned for product, service, experience that will differentiate yourself from your competitors. And voila, a unique selling proposition, is born.
3: Get in your customers’ heads!
Profile your customers; Create a persona.
Your world needs to revolve around your customers.
 Who are they?
 What are their pain points?
 What are their needs?
 How does what they want to differ from what they need?
 Where do they go for support?
Your unique selling point will often rise to the surface by knowing your core customer needs and pain points.
4: Explain How Your Business Solves Your Ideal customers’ problems.

Tick tock, tick tock.
The average person’s attention span ranges between 7 seconds and 12 seconds. In the first 7 seconds, your customer makes the first critical decision. Whether to keep listening, enter into a conversation with you, or end it right now.
For marketers, these 7 seconds mark the first moment of truth. You only have 7 seconds to get attention and answer customers’ fundamental question, “What’s in it for me?” So, your unique selling proposition needs to stand out in an instant.

5: Make your USP irresistible, compelling, and straightforward  Straight to the point; No matter what your unique selling proposition is, it has to stand out.
Without even thinking about it, your customer needs to have a good feeling about you. They want to know that you can solve their problem better than anyone else.
They may not even understand it, but they know you are what they need deep down. Thus, you have to consciously and intentionally create this.
 Make it irresistible.
 Ensure its compelling and remains top of mind.
 Above all, make sure it’s clear and straightforward!
For a powerful USP, create a straightforward yet irresistible message.
6: Condense It.

Elevator Pitch;
Whatever you create, condense it. Then, within a few sentences, they explain all you need to know.
Just like the time it takes you to ride an elevator, you learn all you need to, thus the name elevator pitch.
7: Deliver on the promise.
Promises are meant to be kept; Having a BIG promise plays a significant role in your unique selling proposition. However, you cannot simply talk about it —Whatever your commitment is, be good to your word.
Show up the way you said you would; be who you said you would be.
If you fail at this stage, everything else you build will fall apart.
Remember, whatever your business is and whoever your customer maybe, someone else can do what you do. What can set you apart from the rest is your unique selling proposition.

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