BTL – Experiential Marketing

We plan and exceptional executive activations and promotional activities specific to and highly targeted, with the critical message directed to the target audience, keeping in mind the demographic and psychographic characteristics of particular customer segments.

Did you know Consumers remember 90% of what they have personally experienced (Jack Morton)?

Did you know 76% of consumers don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertisements, while 68% trust other people like themselves? 61% of the conversations (consumers have) have an impact on
the likelihood to buy a brand (source: talk track – Keller Fay Group)

Did you know 80% of our life is emotion, and only 20% is intellect?

Below the Line Marketing  (BTL), also referred to as Experiential marketing, is an ever-increasing opportunity to connect with consumers and drive personal advocacy in today’s cluttered media environment.
A form of marketing that has evolved much, BTL is a great way to market your product or service.

BTL  incorporates and is achieved by direct to consumer (DTC) engagement through – activations, roadshows, events, trade shows, women groups, market storms, corporate events, in-store activations, special projects, and many more.
In essence, BTL marketing is more targeted and entails close/direct engagement with the consumer.
BTL activations are memorable – and their main objective is to gain engagement via consumer conversation.
And well, this model of marketing is easy to actuate and track progress. Additionally, the ROI is many of the times very high.

At Uncommon Experience, this is our main forte. We have engaged and actualized multiple experiential marketing projects with much success.

Beyond creative and effective BTL strategies and implementation mechanics, through our research and monitoring arm, help our clients measure all our campaigns’ impact through;

– Consumer and trade surveys
– Competitor intelligence
– Data collection apps and data management tools
– Data analysis & reporting