Research And Monitoring


We offer a comprehensive suite of innovative and flexible methodologies and have expertise in applying these methods creatively to match the specific need and audience.

We help clients develop measurable indicators, accurate information collection, insightful performance analysis, and program effectiveness to drive informed decisions on issues that matter profoundly to their success.

To improve your business profitability, you need evidence on what works in terms of marketing. But, evidence alone is not enough.


Our research and evaluation experts are uniquely positioned to understand the what, how and why of company budget on marketing and interventions. We do extensive monitpring of what brands are doing in your specific industry. We avail this data to you and help you in making an effective decision that will elevate your brand above the rest.

We employ rigorous methods that identify company budget impacts, inteviews, use of questionaires and sometimes we make use of mobile application to get data far from us.

The information we give you out of our extensive research and monitoring process help you to know how much you should spend in a specific market plan, which actual marketing plans give returns. The information gives you an idea of what to expect in every plan you make for your business.