Nelson Omondi

Digital Marketing Strategist


Nelson is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with an impressive track record spanning eight years in the corporate arena. His extensive experience encompasses a multifaceted skill set that includes not only digital marketing strategy but also proficient web development expertise.

As an adept web developer, Nelson is well-versed in various content management systems (CMS) and excels in custom web development, allowing him to tailor solutions precisely to meet the unique needs of his clients. His comprehensive understanding of web technologies empowers him to create dynamic and user-friendly online platforms that drive engagement and deliver exceptional user experiences.

In his capacity as a digital marketing strategist, Nelson has played a pivotal role in enhancing brands’ online visibility, leveraging his strategic acumen to devise and execute impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. His professionalism and dedication to excellence are evident in his adept handling of clients’ projects, ensuring seamless execution and delivering results that exceed expectations.


Digital Marketing
8 years
Web Development
8 years
Search Engine Optimization
8 years
Google Analytics
8 years


tel. 0711450450

Wambui is a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise in sales and marketing spanning diverse industries, amassing over five years of invaluable experience in this domain. Her portfolio encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, including setting ambitious sales targets, crafting comprehensive sales strategies, conducting meticulous research to identify potential clients, and cultivating leads with precision.

In her role as an account executive at The Uncommon Experience Limited, Ms. Wambui is instrumental in project planning and resource allocation, adeptly orchestrating budget preparations, monitoring progress diligently, and ensuring seamless communication with stakeholders at every phase of the campaign lifecycle.

Additionally, Wambui excels in customer engagement, interfacing with both prospective and existing clients through various mediums, and deftly addresses inquiries, resolves concerns, and handles complaints with finesse, fostering enduring relationships and bolstering client satisfaction levels.

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